IDear Visitor,

Please let me introduce myself.


I come from a family of music lovers. My relationship with playing music began in my childhood at Zoltán Kodály Choir School. We sang a lot, participated in choir competitions (often winning), training our voices, learning solmisation and folk dancing... We did all these things happily and effortlessly. 

Around age six while at a concert, I was fascinated by the silky and soft sound of the violoncello and I started play after that.

My parents and teachers were always supporting me: 

Andrea Fehérné, Gabriella Lakatos - Kodály Choir School, 

Endre Lengyel - Bartók Conservatoire, 

István Csurgay - Franz Liszt Academy of Music , M.A., 

Harro Ruijsenaars, HGSM, Gothenburg, Sweden